Hello there ……!

We’re guessing you’ve arrived here from the link on Hatfield Town Council’s website and you’re very welcome. We are hoping you are interested in finding out some more about us, or if you’re just being inquisitive we would just like to say the more you do get to know about us the more you’ll realise it’s all about us knowing more about YOU that makes the difference.

What you need, or what do you think you need? Are you looking for something in particular to improve your business profile? It all works for us. We are happy to tell you whatever you want to know, but if you are looking to have a better internet presence or get your website working better for you, improve social awareness and grow your brand you are at the right place.

Is it help you need growing your Business or Brand awareness?

Do you have effective marketing tools in place? Is your sales effort productive or could it be better?

Are you genuinely competing in your field of business?

So many questions but until we know about you and what it is you are looking to improve we can’t focus our attention on the best business solution – for you!

I’m Geoff Willett and I run Willow Business Solutions, working with clients that benefit from my expertise and input. With over 30 years in sales & marketing and building businesses through effective marketing strategies, franchising and social media, you can expect me to know a thing or two about fulfilling business aspirations.

These days I take care of all Consultations personally, without any obligation or charge. I use my experience to understand your business, the pain points, aspirations, potential and recognise where I can apply my business development skills. I understand all aspects of Sales & Marketing and how to get the best out digital and social media, keeping abreast of new developments as they manifest. I have access to an extensive pool of highly talented, creative professionals that form my development team, working on and building websites and mobile apps. We know what needs to be done to effect search engine optimisation and attract community interest.

If you are worried about the costs, don’t be! Effectively there is no cost; the only spend you will have is on investment. We do not charge you anything before what we implement has an impact on your business and you won’t get charged anything without you understanding and agreeing the amount first.

If you feel your business needs to be doing more give me a call

For more information about me you can access my Linkedin profile HERE.

Call 0800 193 4060 or email geoff@willowbusinesssolutions.co.uk