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Mobile App Development

As a website connects your company to the internet so does a Mobile App connect your business, only it’s built specifically for mobile devices.

Mobile App’s are the next generation of communication levelled at both B2B and B2C.

A natural progression, Apps are specifically designed for use with a mobile device. Many businesses now make use of Apps and are staying ahead of the game, engaging their customers and their business community with better communications. Apps have proven to make users feel better connected with up to date news of offers and anything else they may consider interesting.

Larger companies have been quick to recognise the benefits but small and medium sized businesses are alerting themselves to the advantages, especially with geo-targeting, push notices and loyalty bonuses making them specific with their advertising. We can program the app to send a push notice to anyone within a radius of your business, particularly beneficial for Bars and Restaurants, “Hey, looks like you’re nearby, why don’t you come in and see us?”

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Historically, the cost of developing a bespoke App has been considered expensive but, like most things, development has moved on and now Apps are more accessible. It depends on what you want it to do but, generally speaking, the cost of installing an App from us will be recovered within a short period through the growth of the business is will bring.

“According to the Internet, nearly 40% of  ALL sales on Black Friday was from a mobile device”

There are many good reasons for you to consider installing an App to your business and we are happy to discuss these with you, but to help you we have listed 5 good reasons you should be investing in a mobile app.

  1. Connecting with your customers through an App will boost their awareness to your brand and your business. They will feel more engaged without having to troll through irrelevant spam emails or flyers.
  2. In the way your logo appears on fridge magnets or golf tee’s for example, your advertising is more focused, strengthening your brand and customer awareness
  3. You have access to your customers all the time they have their mobile device with them. Their loyalty means they are first to know of any news you have or offers you are making. If you have a restaurant business then your ‘Specials’ can be sent out on a daily basis to further attract their interest.
  4. You will increase your business turnover. Customers are influenced by the way they feel (emotion) and they will feel more cared for if they are connected, especially if they have received good service from you in the past. If you make an offer and they are interested they are more likely to purchase, which means more business for you.
  5. Apps have more room and flexibility to be updated, evolve and diversify than your website. The analytical data you can get from your App will help you make adjustments and ‘road-map’ your business’s future direction.

Get in front of the competition or at least play on a level field. Look around, some of your competitors will or have already installed an App; it’s inevitable. If you are going to operate without one you might not notice an immediate difference, but this could also be the first sign of your business stalling.

In the same way, as millions of other apps can be accessed through Google Play or iTunes, your App will be available for download and will be accessible on or offline.

For more information give us a call on 0800 193 4060 or send an email from our contact page. There’s no obligation and it would be the best way for you to understand how it all works and get an idea of the cost. We have a library of images and templates to suit your business but would always make use of your own images and livery for continuity.

“Domino’s Pizza reported an increase of 28% when they installed and App with customers preferring to use the App rather than call.”


Connect to Your Customers in A Whole New Way

By utilising our Proprietary, industry leading mobile platform, our Business App can provide YOU with an affordable, simple, intuitive, and feature-rich solution to take your business fully mobile, with your own custom designed app on any platform; Android™, iPhone®, iPad®.
Our Business App is a Simple & Cost Effective Solution for Any Business. With Industry Solutions for Restaurants, Churches, Schools, Sports Clubs and many others.

We Make It Easy for You to Manage Your Own Mobile App.

Application Features
With over thirty mobile app functions our business apps’ platform provides your business with the capabilities to grow your business, create customer loyalty, and stay ahead of your competition

Push Notifications
Notify your customers of sale events, booking cancellation, free appointments or send a simple hello just to remind them you’re there – all at the push of a button

Customers can now make bookings with you direct through YOUR app in their phone, saving them having to speak to you, and you saving time by not having to take their call.

Fan Wall
Allow your customers discuss among themselves post comments or photos share tip and advice

Loyalty Cards & Discount Vouchers
Reward your loyal customers giving them a reason to keep coming back time after time.  Everything monitored and contained within the app.  No more customers losing cards.

Image and Video Galleries
Show off your pictures with your latest work or upload videos with hints and tips giving your customers something to show off to their friends and family, sending your business viral through word of mouth referrals

Contact Page
With one click calling, inbuilt map with a simple action; single click for directions, links to your website, Facebook, Twitter pages – your customers will always have a way to contact you and stop them from moving to your competition.

Creating menus or bundles for any business. You’ll be able to create as many menus as you want.

Scratch Cards
Create some fun within your app allow customers to use scratch cards to win special offers or prizes.

Make surveys within your app to find out more about what your customers want or create a satisfaction survey that you can show to new potential customer.

Offline Mode
Even when your customers have no internet connection they will still be able to access your mobile app.

Control access to your app set up different page access for members only displaying special offers for your loyal customers.

Control Panel
We give you full control over your app allowing you to add and remove all the features we offer.