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Get Liked, Everyone Likes to be Liked

Get Liked, Everyone Likes to be Liked

Everyone likes to be liked.

There is  a benefit to being liked. Can you like people in business; people like doing business with people they like. How can you get liked?

Unless you live in a cave it would be impossible not to have heard of Facebook. But do you know about Facebook? Sure, its a social media platform that now one in five people subscribe to. If you are one of those you have probably read a post that has warranted a comment or hitting the ‘Like’ button. But do you know the benefits and affect that having a following or a fan base has on your business?

When someone ‘likes’ your page they are agreeing by default to receive information from you on their news feed. From that moment anything you post in future will get viewed by them and their followers. If they like it that much to share, then their followers will also have the opportunity to see it and so on. If we assume the average following for a Facebook page is 500, there’s an potential exponential exposure of over 125,000,000 right there. If it is of particular interest for whatever reason it could ‘Go Viral’ and circulate the social network globally.

You can target an audience and limit who you want to see your post. However, the public option means you have no control on where your post turns up. Its not often a news item about a local business gets this kind of exposure. It usually . has to contain something outside the normal scope of a latest offer and opening times, but you get the idea. Social marketing is a powerful tool.

Here follows some brief bullet points that will offers better insight into the benefits of building a fan base.

1.Increase Brand Awareness

When you post something it gets viewed. How many people that view it depends on how active you are about circulating your content. If your viewers decide to share it then their viewers will get to see it and so on.

2.Connect with Your Customers

Most of your Customers and many of your Prospects are viewing social media platforms and would be happy to see you there. Any news you have or even funny stories will be received and give them the opportunity to make a comment or take action.

3.Client Retention

Social media gives your viewers an insight into your business and therefore a connection. Relationships will develop when they engage with your posts especially if you share a common interest. Be careful if you are going to post something that might show your political or sporting preferences unless you want to encourage healthy debate.

4.Direct link to your Website

Every post you make can give your viewer a link and incentive to visit your website. Not everyone is going to be a customer but some could be interested and the more that see your post, the more are likely to get attracted to your website for more information. The more organic visitors you have the better authority your website gains with search engines. Web traffic makes conversions and conversions get you business.

5. Sharing Information

Sharing information is now far easier than ever. Whether its an item of important news, some social miscreant that needs outing or a special commercial offer, sharing is caring. If you have a message you want to get out there quickly then social media is a perfect foil.


In many ways social media is a way of opening your heart so be thoughtful in what you actually post. But it also personalises you to your followers; they might like the cut of your jib! One thing it does is give you access to your competition.There are no restrictions on who’s Facebook page you can visit. There is control on who see’s your posts but if you have opened it to the pubic it is available to all comers.

The success of your post will decide on the amount of times you get ‘Liked’.

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