Facebook Terminolology

A synopsis of Facebook Terminiology

Facebook Terminolology

Facebook Terminolology

Facebook Terminology isn’t meant to be confusing. Like anything else, if you are not used to it there may some frowns to start off with but it should all become clear. There are over 1.94 BILLION Facebook users, of which over  1.24 billion log onto Facebook daily and it is increasing by 18% year by year. What does this mean to us? Well Facebook is certainly too big to be ignored.

This is a massive audience and a massive commercial opportunity. Facebook know this and do their best to attract a share of your marketing budget by claiming to offer the best exposure for your marketing spend. They may well be right, but before we turn our attention to that it is important we know the various terms and significance of Facebook jargon to get an understanding on how it all works.

Facebook Page

When you join or sign up to Facebook you complete a personal profile and get your own page known as your Profile Page or your Timeline. It will contain all your posts, your photos and videos, a list of your friends, your favourite activities and interests, and any biographical info you’ve chosen to share. This is where your friends can leave you messages and where you can update the world with anything you feel like sharing. From here you can open separate pages to connect or promote specific interests under your parent or profile page.


A post is what you send via your Facebook page. It can be in the form of a text message, an image or video and can show  links to another article externally (outside Facebook pages)..

Promoting a Post

Will enable you to reach a larger audience by paying a fee depending on the demographics and budget you choose. For example, Facebook might offer you the opportunity to reach more than 3000 people for £10 which should interest you if you are promoting something. You can to choose your own spend and locations (say 3 mile radius) to target if you decide to engage. This is a paid advertising tool allowing users to bump posts to get viewed higher than it normally would in their audience feed


Is a dynamic import of news and posts and adverts from friends, fans and commercial organisations being constantly updated on your wall.

Wall or Fan Wall

The Facebook area where ‘friends’ or Fans posts will appear for all to see. These can be thoughts, video clips, articles of conjecture and opinions. You have some influence over what appears on your screen by blocking those you do not feel are appropriate or to your liking. However, they will still appear elsewhere unless they are considered that inappropriate Facebook actually blocks them.


A followers of a particular profile, usually due to them already knowing you or liking something they see that you have posted. Once someone has ‘Liked’ your page they will be included to receive your future posts. You will get regular notices from Facebook about some other people that you might know and wish to connect with.


A group of users that have liked a particular page.

Friends of Fans

Could it get more complicated? This is how a post goes viral. Friends of Fans are the next tier of user’s who are going to see you post if any of your Fans decide to share. Those who are exposed to a brand through a friend who is a fan of that brand.


This is the most common way to acknowledge an article, giving positive feedback without having to make further comment. This has been extended now by emojis to show other emotions like, love, laughter, shock, sadness and anger.

facebook terminology



This is the ability to remove a user from a list that you might have subscribed to. This is part of Facebook’s security against you receiving posts you are not interested in or find distasteful. If you feel stronger you can make a complaint to Facebook who will consider banning the user if deemed appropriate.


This is a specific page created by an organisation or commercial entity to promote a common interest. For example, you may have an interest in arts and crafts or support a particular soccer team. You will find Facebook pages specifically open to this topic and full of likeminded people happy for you to join them.


Considered an important date in your history. Maybe an anniversary or celebration of Company service, anything that might encourage a post.


Highlight your mood or emotion with these preset options

These are updates that appear on user’s walls and friends news feeds indicating your present attitude or emotion.


Where you can comment on someone’s post or add your opinion to a comment already made.


Where you can add a reply to someone who has commented


This is a series of statistics that Facebook will report to you from their tracking facilities.

There are a few other terms that are used, but they depend on how deep you want to delve into this inventory we have presented.

We hope the above has been of some help as a reference and explaining some the terminology used by Facebook. If you need any further information on how you can benefit your business through Facebook please feel free to contact with us.


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