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Responsive Web Design

Using our expertise in Web design, we will help you navigate your company’s future. Understanding your business and target audience, your short and long-term plans and goals will enable us to build a strategy to include  a digital and network marketing strategy and a positive Return on Investment. Call us on 01707 377 387 or use this link to send us an email

Mobile Device App

With 75% of online business now done on a mobile device, the need for a Mobile App to showcase your business is a necessity. People don’t use Search Engines anymore, they use the Apps they’ve downloaded. If your Customers have not downloaded your App they could well be working with your competitor. Call us on 01797 377 387   or use this link to send us an email

Business Growth

Customers use the internet to search for product suppliers and services. Around 75% of this is on a mobile device. Your website is no longer just a shop window; it is an insight into your business. We make sure your media profile is set fair so potential customers know it’s you they need to be talking to. Call us  on 01707 377 387 or use this link to send us an email

Email Marketing

Although legislation ensures certain rules on data storage and protection, Email marketing is still an excellent form of communicating with your database and potential clients to request business and to solicit sales. Regular emails with news and developments will get read if they are interesting and relevant. Call us on 01707 377 387 or use this link to send us an email

Social Media Management

Effective social media management brings traffic; that brings inquiries; that bring sales. Video drives 64% of all online consumer traffic and is set to reach 80% by 2019. Is your business ready for video marketing? We’ll work together on the right storyboard and produce videos promoting your company’s goods and services. Call us on 01707 377 387 or use this link to send us an email

Geo-Location Targeting

Once we establish your typical customer and the most comparable audience we can specifically target and deliver the right content to that visitor, further defined by focusing on the right area or location. Call us on 01708 377 387 or use this link to send us an email


Thinking of Franchising?

If you are considering buying into a Franchise or Franchising your own business the following information is for you.

If you’ve bought a morning coffee, a lunchtime sandwich or filled your car with fuel today, it’s more than likely you’ve come into contact with a Franchised business. Franchising is a legitimate route to expanding your business or to be part of an already established one and sharing its success. Either way, we have for you the definitive e-book containing you everything you need to know. Get a free introduction by following the link below and decide for yourself.

We'll Give You a Free Audit

Do you understand the benefit of advertising with Google Adwords? Do you already use Google, is it working for you? How would you like a free audit to see if we can make it function more profitably? We’ll present to you our observations and suggestions for improvement. If you decide you want us to do it for you we’ll take care of everything. If not, maybe we can help you with something else


5 Things You Should Know....Insight,Intuitive,Innovative direct your 'Roadmap' and align a business strategy

Let's Go!

It's Time.........

Since the industrial revolution, nothing has changed business as much as the internet and the technological revolution it’s created. Gone are the days when it was ‘hip’ to have a website and a commercial Facebook account. If you don’t have a website that’s current and relevant with social connections, you’re not in the running.

Hit the green button above to learn how you can benefit from working with us on your website and social connections with video marketing and mobile apps to put your company ahead of the game.


Willow Business Solutions were unbelievably helpful to us when we needed to increase our awareness and market share. Through direct response advertising our problems were solved and working with them has been a pleasure.

We would like to thank Geoff for his efforts producing fantastic results and opening the way for us with digital marketing. We would have no hesitation recommending Willow Business Solutions to anyone!

Five Stars *****   Adrian Collins, Mr Flossy


From a standing start, we agreed to advertise with Willow Business Solutions using Google Adwords and saw an almost immediate impact. We’ve virtually doubled our business and have a regular lead source for Electric Gate Repairs and Installations that are far more effective than any other advertising we have done.

Electra Controls Ltd
Herts, EN11 9BW


With website design and content we see our business appear right at the top in the search engines.  Nothing’s too much trouble for these Guys and we are delighted to leave everything to them with regards to our online advertising, social media, and digital marketing.

Armour Security Ltd
London N21 2RT


Just wanted to say how happy we are with our new website.  We are receiving plenty of compliments about how easy it is to navigate and we are finding the back office work with you so pleasant! Would recommend you to any other Council.

Hatfield Town Council
Herts, AL10 0AN